Top tourist war relic sites in Vietnam (Chu Chi tunnels – Hoa Lo)

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The Vietnam war that cast a dark shadow over the country has long ended. Although it was already 40 years, there are still many traces of its bloody and historic past which is now considered tourist spots in the country. Many Vietnamese may still have some bad memories of its dark past but that should not stop you from visiting this magnificent country.

There are many places to see and visit in Vietnam. People although some may have experienced the horrid past, most if not all will great you with a warm smile and friendly hospitality.


In the South of Vietnam you will get to see Saigon which is now known as Ho Chi Minh City. It is the biggest city during the Vietnam war and here you will get to see lots of war attractions. Since Saigon is where the former headquarters of the US Information Service, there are many war remnants you will get to see for yourself. Let us start with the War Remnant Museum where it showcase bombs, artilleries and vehicles from American forces outside the museum. While inside you will see lots of disturbing pictures of the war, the destruction of Vietnam, the brutality it has brought and Agent Oranges effect on the people. You will also be able to visit the Reunification Palace and take a tour to this old building.

Another place to visit is the Chu Chi Tunnel. These are series of underground passages or network of tunnel where people use as shelter, hospital and living quarters during the Vietnam War. It is an elaborate network of tunnel that is about 120 miles long. It was built during the Vietnam war which allows Vietnamese to move under American base. If you want to see this tunnel, you will need to get a half day bus tour that will lead you to the tunnels or you may take a private car. You may also go to the Demilitarized zone although is iss a bit far. This is also known as the worlds most militarized zone and is a no man’s land. You should book Chu Chi tunnels tour from Ho Chi Minh City (It’s so fun and interested)!

Chu Chi Tunnels

There are many other places to visit if you are looking for top places to travel in regards to Vietnam war but these are the most popular sites to check.

The second place you should consider to visit is Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. This place is heavily bombarded and focused on during the war times because this is where Ho Chi Minh ruled.

Hanoi is established in 1959 where it marks the struggle of the Vietnamese against French colonization and then the battle with the Americans. Because it was been colonized by the French long before the Americans came, you will see lots of French designed villas or buildings still around up to this date.

Next you need to see is the Hoa Lo Prison. This prison cell is better known as the Hanoi Hilton by the Americans where the prisoners of war were detained. It was originally built for political prisoners during the French colonial era but was mostly used during the American war. One famous person who was imprisoned there is Senator John McCain. When you visit Hoa Lo Prison, you will get to see part of the original building where you can see lots of documents, pictures, exhibits, the interrogation room and even the solitary confinement cell.

Hoa Lo Prison

Try to visit or stay at Sofitel Hotel Metropole. I would recommend this place because you will get to hear old stories from the past as well as see this historic inn which is from the French colonial era.

One great thing to do here in Vietnam is also to embark on the Metropole’s Path of History tour. This tour is ideal for people who really wants to see the colorful history of Vietnam. You will get to see really old memorabilia from famous visitors such as Jane Fonda, the comedian Charlie Chaplin and Somerset Maugham. You will also get to visit the old bomb shelters of the hotels that were built for their guests during 1960s that was just rediscovered recently. I must warn you that this is not for people with claustrophobia.

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