How to Choose the Legal Bats for Leagues

How to Choose the Legal Bats for Leagues

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Thanks to the new technology on the softball and baseball bats, there are many better choices in the market today so that players have more chances to hit the ball as expected. The popular materials for manufacturing bats nowadays are aluminum, composite, and wood, which creates a variety of benefits the bat can offer.

Because of these new changes, leagues release the strict regulations on types of bats can be legal to use for players. With the following guide, we help you know how to choose the little league bats for competitions and the best thing to enhance your playing styles.

Updated rules to bat regulations and sizes

Because of the safer and more competitive games, there are rule changes in many leagues. Also, the new safety standards of the bats are approved to use by all players.

To find which bat can be used in leagues, you can look through the list of the Little League. Those approved bats generally have the length over 33 inches and the diameter under 2 ¼ inches.

Pony Leagues and the big barrel bats

Players joining in Pony leagues only use the bat including the USSSA stamp, which is either the composite or aluminum style. The diameter can range from 2 ¼ inches to 2 5/8 inches. In the case, your bat is the latter within the -3-weight drop, it needs to include a stamp of BBCOR certification.

Bats for College and High school games

The players need to use the bats within BBCOR certification to play in games of the colleges and high schools.

The standard measurement depends on the impact on balls and the trampoline effect so that the certified bats are more comparable to the wood ones.

Many players don’t like the BBCOR bats unless they’re required in games since these bats have limits of striking the ball.

Bats for slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball games

You should know the league to play in the future so you can define which regulation of bats you must follow when shopping a softball bat. Ensure to check the league rules before buying the one since the USSSA games don’t allow players to use the ASA bats and vice versa. The excluding case is your bat must include a dual stamp.

Composite bats vs. Alloy bats

The composite bat

The design is made of carbon fiber so it’s easy to manage the weight distribution. Basing on the style, companies can make the units end-loaded or balanced. The end-loaded has the stronger barrel point and offers the heavier swing while the balanced has the equal weight distribution.


– It’s able to minimize risks of the miss-hit ball and the vibration on the hands.

– It has the bigger sweet spot.


– The producing process is complex so the price is higher than those of the alloy bats.

– It needs the break-in period. To start the break-in process, you must hit from 150 to 200 times with a common softball or baseball. Remember to slightly spin your bat every hit so the break-in points are evenly distributed and your bat can last longer.

The alloy bat

It’s made of aluminum and metal materials and longer than the composite bat.


– The price is lower than those of the composite bat.

– No need for the break-in period.

– Generally, this bat is more durable and when they have strokes, they tend to dent instead of cracking. That means you still can use it when it has once damaged but it’s useless if it has one cracked. In the case, your barrel fits the ring, your bat is legal to use.


– The sweet spot is smaller and so the bat has less pop.

– The great thing is the more expensive alloy bat includes the longer sweet spot and the better balance.

If you want to get benefits of both designs, you can consider the hybrid type. This bat has a combination of the alloy barrel and composite handle. It’s able to reduce vibration, increase the hitting chance and have a cheaper cost.

The selection between the different types of the bats bases on your personal tastes and playing style. Understanding thoroughly all softball or baseball bat types helps you know what fits your requirements. You can check features of multiple products on the online shops or local stores. Asking the advice of the playmates and friends is a good way to choose the best bat for you.


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