How to Choose the Best Waders for Duck Hunting

How to Choose the Best Waders for Duck Hunting

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Duck hunting is always an interesting activity, but nowadays, it has really been popular. For people who haven’t taken time in cold environments where the greatest duck hunting trips can take place, they might not get used to various waders available.

Hunters often like to chase ducks in wet places, muddy lands, and cold conditions when they have right gears such as boots and insulated clothes. Keeping the body warm and dry while hunting is the crucial thing to remain in the harsh environments during a day. Thus, it’s extremely important to choose the best breathable hunting waders for a duck hunting trip

Chest waders and hip waders are the two popular types in this field. As their names, they are divided into two types because of the height levels. The chest waders reach the chest and the hip waders are up to the hip. In this article, we introduce advantages of hip waders for duck hunting.

With using hip waders, you have two extra categories: boot waders and stocking waders. You can buy stocking waders separately and put them inside the wading boots. Boot waders are attached to the boots and you can wear socks underneath.

Hip waders

They are waders coming up to your hip’s highest point. In general, they’re lower on the inner seam of your pant leg and include loops to fix your belt outside. Some designs are made of thicker fabrics to remain on the leg without loosening when you walk or run. Hip waders are often less bulky and more convenient to do actions. However, you shouldn’t hunt in too deep water and be careful in hidden holes in the water

The best materials for creating hip waders


The popular material for creating hip waders is rubber. It’s a good option if you intend to stay in destinations with cold conditions. Generally, rubber is a bit stronger and thicker than other types, so if you have a chance to come back to the countryside and hunt in bushes, grass with sharp ends or thorns, this is a better wader than other lighter and thinner materials. Moreover, rubber is a bit rigid so you can use it longer even when you often wade in harsh conditions. Also, it’s suitable for hiking more than other lightweight options.


The most popular material for constructing hip waders is nylon. It offers great benefits more than rubbers do since it’s more lightweight and more flexible so that you can use it in any weather. Anglers or hunters prefer this material especially when they have a long way to walk to reach the outdoor spots because the lightweight and flexibility features help users to climb quickly and easily. However, most nylon waders are not well insulated so you have to prepare carefully inner clothing for your trip.

The height of hip waders

This is an obvious aspect since they’re hip waders. They are often used for too deep water where you can’t use only insulated boots. However, not all options called hip waders reach to the height of the hip

Typical hip waders rise to the water surface to just under the place legs join body and if you attach straps to a belt, the waders can be a bit higher. You can choose new versions that now look like just a pair of casual pants, where you may gain an additional eight inches or higher for the best protection.

The insulation of hip waders

The amount of insulation you require is up to you and your intended destination you will use the waders and the periods of the year. Having too much or too little insulation also can affect your comfort in fishing or hunting.

Generally, you use much insulation if you intend to stay in cold conditions. However, you still will feel less comfortable after 4 hours of using. Remember that you need to insulate both your waders and boots.

The most important consideration when you intend to order hip waders is the boot construction. Some models are made of insulated neoprene while some consist of breathable materials. Realizing your needs in duck hunting and waders, you will easily choose the best thing for your comfort.


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