How to Choose the Best Youth Catchers Gear

How to Choose the Best Youth Catchers Gear

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Catchers are the crucial position in all softball games and maybe also the most important role in many sports. Although good talents and essential skills are vital factors to win a game, a player can’t play the best game without proper equipment.

The best youth catcher’s gear is the main key when it provides players safety and makes sure that they’re confident to play a game with the best ability without worrying about having accidents or getting injuries. Many companies releasing softball equipment provides catchers gear in the catalogs, but you can find it’s hard to choose the right one to use. It’s not a too complicated task to achieve. Your gears should include important factors that fit your playing level and can support your game.


This is the main gear for youth catchers as well as the essential gears in all games. It’s crucial since it helps to protect the player’s head from accidents and dangers. Helmets for catchers are varied in different designs and graphics since companies try to respond all players’ needs. However, you should choose the one depending on the protection rather than the appearance. Generally, you can consider the skull cap or the hockey style which is designed especially for youth players.

Chest Protector

Except for protecting your head, you also need to take care of the organs and so the chest protector is an important gear of the catcher set. It offers a huge selection of foam layers and designs to protect your collarbone, heart, stomach, and ribs.

Leg Guards

Many players often don’t take care of the leg when you assume the chest protector and helmet and enough for the safety. However, the leg guards are also important factors to protecting your body. In fact that, the leg is an important part of the body so it’s necessary to purchase the best leg guards. They help you to protect your knees, shins, and feet when you wear the fit options.


Obviously, the main reason players buy a gear set for catchers is protecting the body during playing and so you should consider the protection as the priority when shopping. Ensure that your helmet is sturdy enough to protect the head from hitting or getting injuries.


All things from helmets to leg guards need to provide the best comfort for users. You should choose a helmet made of materials that are soft inside and come with the great ventilation and breathability. The leg guards and chest protector need to be adjustable for you to customize the size and comfort in wearing. It’s good that you add minor features to increase the comfort.


The best models often have high cost and so you will need a big budget to purchase them. The high quality is very important since it will last longer and you can use it many times in a very long time. The worst thing is that the expensive set only can be used in two or three months. Browse the materials and appearance to choose the more durable products.


Another important consideration is choosing the fit catcher’s gears. Many models include adjustable straps so that you can turn the set into the right size. However, you shouldn’t buy a gear that is too large or too small. The worst thing many parents often make is buying a broad thing for kids so that they can still be used in the future. It’s dangerous since the too big thing can lead to accidents or provide the less protection for your children during playing sports.


Many gears for catchers are often quite heavy, such as the chest protector. The additional weight doesn’t mean you can gain the better protection. In many cases, companies make a wrong choice of materials and lead to the extra weight of gears. If your equipment is too heavy, you will be slow down in playing, throwing, and others.

Choosing the right youth catcher’s equipment isn’t hard if you have important things in your mind. Despite that, you also need to know other features like the reliable brands since they ensure your selection is high quality and has warranty in a certain period. Besides that, think of the user’s age and playing levels in order to ensure that you get the right thing for improving your skills and games.


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