Cu Chi Tunnels a great destination in Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels a great destination in Ho Chi Minh City

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Vietnam is such a beautiful country. If you are a tourist, you would surely want to visit all the beautiful spots from the northern, central and southern part of Vietnam. In order to tour around, you must have ample time. But, what if you were just given a limited time? What city will you choose? I know that it is a tough decision because of all the exciting places to see. But, you have no choice and you need just one city to check out.

One of the most beautiful cities that you must choose is the Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. This is one of the biggest cities and busiest cities in Vietnam. You can find here people from different walks of life. It has great spots to check out. And one of those attractions that you should not fail to miss is the Cu Chi Tunnels.

About the Cu Chi Tunnels

There are various spots to visit in Ho Chi Minh City, but a must visit place is the Cu Chi Tunnels. The Cu Chi Tunnels are huge connection of underground tunnels. You can find this in the district of Cu Chi, which is in the Ho Chi Minh City. This place is visited not only because of beauty and popularity. But, it is also because of the history that covers the tunnels.

Speaking of history. The Cu Chi Tunnels played a very important role in the lives of many people, especially the Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam and American Wars. The tunnels saved lives. This served as a hideout for these people. These tunnels served as a shelter and a shield against the bombing and the opponent’s attacks. Without these tunnels may be no Viet Cong soldiers survived from the American troops. May be no civilian was ever saved and all of them were made captives and slaves of the Wars.

Thanks to the Viet Cong soldiers and the people behind this job. The base worked as a reinforcement, communication, supplies, hospital, food and a quarter with many people.

Life in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Life in the underground tunnels is not that easy. Can you imagine a life with a limited supply of water, food and air? How can you live in a place with various insects, such as ants, centipedes, scorpions and other pests? How about the danger that these poisonous creations will bring? And then, consider the enemies hunting these Viet Cong soldiers and throwing bombs? People work continuously, hunt for food and engage in battle. People get sick and needs a cure. Everything is not easy in the tunnels, every second of your life is at risk and in danger. But, they were able to manage and ease those difficulties because they were determined to fight and to survive.

Cu Chi Tunnels as an Attraction

Can you see now how important the tunnels are? Can you see how great it is? People make history. And now, we see what history has done. And knowing that the Cu Chi Tunnels are now a tourist attraction in the Ho Chi Minh City, it only shows that the work of the Viet Cong soldiers was appreciated and valued.

The Cu Chi Tunnels measures 75 miles or 121 km of connected underground tunnels. The tunnels were preserved and turned out to be a memorial park. As an attraction, visitors are allowed to crawl inside and see how the tunnels are. It has two tunnels to display. One is the Ben Dinh and the other is the Ben Duoc. In the Ben Duoc, you will find the original tunnel system. The Ben Dinh is closer to Ho Chi Minh City. In the tunnels, you will also find various displays of booby traps. You will also find the conference room and a place for visitors eat just like what the Viet Cong soldiers would have eaten.

Outside the tunnels, you may enjoy the shooting range. You can fire various assault rifles. This might be exciting and fun. At least, after learning about the history of the Cu Chi Tunnels, you will something to relax. So, if you are in Vietnam, you must not forget to prepare a trip to the Ho Chi Minh City and pay the Cu Chi Tunnels a visit.

Ian had been to different countries, looking for a place to explore. He loves to travel and learn about historical places. After his trip to Vietnam, he had learned about the Cu Chi Tunnel and its dramatic role in the History. This is why he would like to partake his experience by sharing what he know.”

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